Supériorité capillaire

Parfois, un commentaire sur Amazon suffit, pas besoin de beaucoup plus. De la curiosité et un bon état d'esprit concernant les personnes chevelus. Ca ira.

"If you know about T3 you already own this. If not, get it cuz this is a big deal. Tommy Wright was one of the lyrical legends who pioneered the hardcore memphis gangsta sound. There was a musical revolution that took place in Memphis throughout the 90's. The tallent that came outta Memphis was caught on hundreds of low budge underground mixtapes. This album is one of those tapes that made it back to the studio for some much needed production enhancement. The result will blow your mind. His style is often imitated never duplicated. His skills make almost every other rapper sound like they droppin nursery rhymes. Hardcore mind expanding music."

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Be careful... Cet homme est dangeureux!! Mon préféré est "On the run"...

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