Camron nous explique (dipset board):

XXL-what did you think about nas joining Jay on stage in October?

Cam-Them n1ggas just dont got anything to do,I dont really have to much to comment on that whole thing.They both almost 40.Seriously can a 15-16 year old relateto a Nas -Jay Z move?do they really give a fukk"so if a 15-16 yeard old dont give a fukk neither do I.

XXL - You and Jay never had a good relationship,even when you were on his label.And when he got the presidency,you immediately bounced.What started this tension?

Cam-At the end of the day.....this is what happened.When I 1st got to rocafella.I spoke to Jay and he really didnt give me that Vibe back.I asked him a few times to do a joint and he kept brushing me off.The oh boy came out and it was rocking.One day me and Juelz were leaving the studio and jay was coming in and said"I did a little something for you"he did an"oh Boy "remix.The engineer young guru played the track for us and we was like this is wack.That aint hot.We told Dame and Biggs and had like this big meeting,like who gonna tell him it aint hot?Im like you gotta be honest with n1ggas.It aint hot So I took him off and then rumors corculated on why we aint never do anything together.

XXl-what about 50 and g unit.How do you compete?

Cam-I got respect for G unit.and I have respect for 50 as a business man.But I dont look at them as competition.I look at them as somebody that already did it and crossed over.But I dont see them as competition on no level,No disrespect-the sales are sales-but as far as swagger,style,lyrics,jewelry,streets ,its us.I could never say nothing about 50.He dissed alot of n1ggas,but he has never said our names so I dont have no problem with him.

Round 1: Vous avez tous écouté le you got to love it ce matin.

Round 2: Voila l'explication de texte par Camron - Jay-Z 'I'm not a writer'. Cette merde est hilarante haha!

Et puisque c'est la fête de la vidéo sur frooty, on va vous mettre le clip de Banned From TV où Killa Cam nous gratifie d'un couplet version ancien flow avec Noreaga, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Styles P et Nature sur du Swizz Beatz.